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Cultural Consultancy


Our customised cultural consultancy services prepare our clients on local customs, values and norms necessary to develop effective skills to market their products and services.  We act on our client’s behalf and advice on marketing strategies to localise and brand your product in region specific areas.  Our cultural orientation services incorporate local culture to deliver a truly marketable product.

Being educated overseas can be a unique experience by assisting you to absorb your education, adapting soft and transferable skills, but also an experience of being educated as a way of life.   And in the process, you become invaluable to your future employer and place of employment.  We pride ourselves on being an innovative consultancy firm dedicated to increasing the quality and services in the field of education and human capital through a multifaceted approach to consultancy in the sphere of education, management training and cultural consultation.

Our services in cultural consultancy will enable your organisation to operate in truly globalised market.  Your professional experiences with us will enable you to be aware and understand the sometimes unique and subtle differences between your workforce, overseas clients and customers to develop effective and proactive marketing and branding strategies for your product.   With our knowledge and experience of region specific markets, regulations, culture, social attitudes, language and norms, we are able to guide your business to potential growth.


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