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Global Business & Market Intelligence in Education


Education Select understands the market pressures in the national and global education industry.  The pressures to increase student numbers while improving on teaching standards, as well as the pressures of perfect competition and globalisation.  However, by working with our clients, we focus on the need to satisfy and provide tailor-made education solutions to the well-informed body of students in the market and institutions in the industry.

Education Select aides and assists in the strategic growth and development of educational institutions.  We assist educational institutions by making strategic alliances and using our market intelligence to re-organise and manage the growth of educational planning and support at every level of the student development cycle.  By taking a pro-active, rather than a re-active approach to business and market intelligence in Education, clients using our experience and intelligence in educational solutions will help their Institutions to achieve:

–  A review and a re-definition of strategic goals and performance indicators for higher education institutions and universities.

–  An awareness of drivers in strategic vision.

–  An assessment of organisational effectiveness & align such factors to the educational institution’s goals.

–  A model of excellence in education service delivery at every stage of the student development process by developing effective market strategies at various levels of the delivery process.

–  Strategic IT service and education delivery effectiveness to achieve market and educational competitiveness.

–  Manage change in the redevelopment of the education architecture.

–  Develop and manage short and long term visions in IT standards and policies for all types of educational entities.

–  Planning and implementing curriculum programmes for market specific Education institutions.

–  A growth in the recruitment of well able students through our strategic and comprehensive policies in student recruitment through rigorous approach to student evaluation and suitability.

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