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Education IT Management

4Education Select also works with education institutions in reviewing, improving and aligning management and pedagogical goals and processes with investments in management and information technology.  Our IT solutions in Education include, but are not limited to, password protected:

  • IT solutions for student registration in educational institutions.
  • IT solutions for students in selecting and enrolling for scheduled courses.
  • IT solutions for faculty members to add and view students to particular course.
  • IT solutions for Department Heads to view / amend a course syllabus for a particular subject.
  • IT solutions for teaching staff to modify the delivery of online lessons, labs or tutorials.
  • IT solutions for faculty members in publishing teaching schedules, exam dates and results.
  • IT solutions for teaching staff to report and publish student progress reports.
  • IT solutions for teaching staff to record and publish student term/year attendance records.
  • IT solutions for faculty members and students to view academic transcripts.

Our higher education IT management solutions equips our clients with ways and practices in tailor-made and unique training activities to improve and manage performance and professional growth from schools to universities through to local academic type businesses and  international learning based corporations.  Our extensive knowledge and experience in consultancy in the education and management industries, allows us to work in an environment which places us on a truly exclusive platform.  Working independently and collaboratively in the best interests of our clients, we continually operate in the transfer of knowledge and experience to achieve our vision of excellence in consultancy in such industries.   By knowing and understanding the needs of our client, we create an optimum process in goal achievement, with the technology and business challenges our clients may face.  By working closely with out clients at every stage of the development process, sharing accountability and transferring knowledge, helps us embrace and manage change.

By understanding the unique environment in which educational institutions operate in, we are thus able to better consult our clients on various solutions to align their business and IT resources to their academic and strategic business needs.  Working with professionals in IT helps us assess and improve our clients IT governance.  Working with our partners in implementing our IT solutions for our clients, ensures an optimal and most efficient method of business delivery in whatever market and industry our clients operate in.

Thus, by being able to effectively consult on education IT management, we are better able to support business and market intelligence on a number of levels.  Education Select works with its partners in providing consultancy and by working with technology, to build upon business capacity, together with our clients, we participate in the new knowledge economy.

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