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Strategic PR & HR Management


Education Select’s excellence in consultancy is highlighted in our solutions in strategic human relations & public relations management.  As with our solutions in managerial finance, our complementary approach to solutions in PR & HR management provide the perfect back-drop for corporate and education executives wanting to accelerate intelligence in strategic business operations.  Our carefully delivered ‘know-how’ in such a field is primarily tailored uniquely to the demands of practitioners in all levels of HR & PR management, corporate partners, executives in high level government positions, clients working in upper level management corporations and partners in Small to Medium Sized enterprises (SME’s) who deliver training and are responsible for the implementation and dissemination of corporate operating strategies.

Our consultancy and training seminars focuses on, but are not limited to:

  • Raising awareness in the nature of PR, building on knowledge and experience.
  • Identifying and implementing the required tactical skills of engagement needed for PR interaction.
  • Working on how to build effective communication skills with the media, the public and staff.
  • Developing writing and presentation skills for PR.

Our solution in the field of HR & PR management delivers on pre-existing skills managers have developed in relation to:

  • Skillful and confident negotiating strategies.
  • The art of influencing strategies.
  • Generating higher employee output to meet performance targets.
  • The use of effective emotional intelligence to meet a desired outcome.
  • Understanding the core fundamentals and challenges in effective communication strategies.
  • Staff incentive strategies and methods in maximising human capital in generating operational goals.
  • Tactical operations in effective recruitment processes.
  • Workforce appraisal methodologies.
  • Assessing work performance and setting attainable work objectives & targets.
  • Using, influencing and maximising the use of good body language for positive outcomes.
  • Building rapport, focusing on listening techniques, using neuro-linguistics and questioning techniques for win-win outcomes in negotiation strategies.


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